1. Can I order from your web site?

We do not sell directly to consumers. We sell wholesale only.

2. Can I have a copy of your catalog?

We do not sell directly to consumers therefore do not make our catalogs available to consumers. Our web site showcases the product currently available in our catalog.

3. Where can I find any given style?

We are not able to identify which of our retailers has stock in a given item. We suggest that you contact them before visiting the store to make sure they have stock in the item you are looking for.

4. I have a problem with your merchandise. Can I return it to you?

Shelly Fashion stands behind the quality of our merchandise 100% and will always accept returns from our retailers for damaged or defective merchandise. However, we can not accept a return from individual consumers due to the fact we are wholesalers not retailers. Please return the merchandise to the store you bought it from.

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